Saturday, July 19, 2008

Monday is the BIG day!

Graycen starts school for the first time (outside of our home) on Monday. She is going into the second grade.

The backpack is loaded. The lunchbox is ready for filling. The uniforms are bought, pressed, and hanging in her closet. The shoes are new and shiny and lined up under her uniforms in her closet. She is ready. She is excited. I am SO happy about what she is feeling right now.

The past few days have been so eventful, as we have been shopping and getting her ready. I have watched, almost sometimes seemingly from a distance, as she has started this unexpected bloom already. When we went shopping for the items on her teacher's supply lists, Graycen used phrases like, "That is way too baby-ish Mom." and "I am really going more for a solid pink theme this year." WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? This afternoon before heading to the pool I had her try on all of her uniforms and just make sure everything fit the way we wanted it too. She was glowing in her little khaki jumper. With her new haircut, she just looked so...together and ready. She cannot stop smiling. I am praying, praying, PRAYING that this experience is everything that we are all hoping it is.

Last night, I allowed Graycen to stay up a little later than usual so that she could help me label all of her supplies. When we were done, we kissed her and sent her to her bed. An hour so so later, I went to my bed and as I passed her room, I saw her pop down onto her pillow. I walked in a put my head right next to her's as she pretended to sleep. I whispered, "Graycen, I know that you are awake sweetie." into her ear. She still laid quietly with her eyes closed, trying to pretend that she was asleep. I said, "Are you as excited as I am and can't sleep?" She popped up like a rocket and said, "YES MOM! I cannot sleep because I keep thinking about school!!". As I hugged her and tucked her back in, I thought about what a blessing it is that she is so eager and ready for this. This whole situation is absolutely God's divine plan. If any other of the three that we applied to this school had been accepted, this would be such a different beginning to this journey for us. Graycen was born to be the leader in this tribe of kids.

I love, love, LOVE the Lord all the time. However, tonight I am feeling especially comforted, protected, lifted up, and Fathered tonight. None of the fears that I have had are present now. A lot of it has been settled by the joy he has placed in the heart of my little girl. It is very hard to look at her, as her eyes are so bright with happiness and excitement and as she literally bounces from one foot to the other, and have a bit of fear. He knew the angst in my heart and He has settled it. I LOVE HIM and I feel like a true child of his tonight; safe and provided for.
This is a GREAT way to start a day of worship tomorrow!

PRAISING GOD tonight friends.


Cheryl said...

I am thinking of you much these days, friend. By the way, Graycen doesn't really start school tomorrow, does she? ;o)

Angela said...

No, she doesn't. It feels like it, but now. It is Monday :o)

Thanks for thinking of me.

BoufMom9 said...

How wonderful that she is so excited! I hope she has a great first day!

Gina said...

My oldest starts Pre-K in 5 weeks. I know I have alittle time before she goes but I am nervous about her being away from me. She never really has been away except for with family and close friends. Hopefully she will be just as excited as your daughter. Love your blog.