Thursday, July 31, 2008

How `Bout A Big Hand Now? Wait-wait a minute!

So life is crazy these days! Last night we had rehearsal for a musical that my three older children are participating in. If I had known that Graycen was going to get a last-minute acceptance into this school, I wouldn't have let them participate this year. With school an issue now, it makes for a late night and too early of a morning on Thursday. But, like I have noted in my last post, we are going "oars out" and just looking forward to the performance next weekend.

This Thursday morning, this busy mama is T-I-R-E-D. After I got Graycen safely delivered, I came home and Nathan had to run out to get to class. I SOOOOOOOO wished that he could stay home, but he has a class for half the day and then has work :o( . The kids were tired and cranky and I was tired and cranky. That doesn't make for a very good start to the day.

I decided to FLIP IT and start over. This is how we did it. Let me apologize in advance for the quality, but I used my handy-dandy phone.*****Please turn off the site music at the bottom right, so that you can hear the music in the video.***

Sweet sugar pop, sugar pop rocks-y pop, You don't stop `til the sweet beat drops.!

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Cheryl said...

I love the video. Your kids are quite funky. ;o) You have given me encouragement to "flip it" when our days start like that. Thank you!