Friday, May 4, 2007

7 Things About ME Tag

My SIL (Heather) tagged me, so here goes. I am not sure if there are 7 things about me that most people don't already know...


1. 6 years and 3 months ago, I had never even changed a single diaper in my life. Since then, I have probably changed over a million. The first diaper I ever changed was my own sweet Graycen's in the hospital when she was born. 6 years, 3 months, and FIVE babies later, I think I would be considered a pro at it : )

2. I love to make one-of-a kind cakes for my kids' birthdays. It is a creativity that my Mom says I get from my Aunt Sandra. I love to ask them what kind of cake they want and then make it. So far, I have made a straw hat with flowers, a pirate map, a clock, a construction hat, a report card (for Nathan actually at the kids' request) and more! This June I will be make a SUPER HERO cake for Coop. I need to get working on that design!!

3. Although I have never had a single ticket issued to me, I had 8 car accidents from the time I was 16 until I was 21 (totalling 3 cars) and haven't had another one since. My first accident happened 15 minutes after I got my license!!!

4. I don't like ice. I love a cold drink and I love ice cream, but I really dislike ice in my drink. I don't really know why. It is just one of those little things about a person that make them unique I guess.

5. I am married to the EXACT person that God intended for me to be with. If you have ever heard the song,"God Blessed The Broken Road", that is my song. Through so much heartache, God delivered me to the precise man that He created me to love, serve, and glorify Him with. I was just thinking this morning that there isn't another soul on the planet that gets me the way Nathan does and loves me through it all. He is my protector at all costs and that is something that I very much needed in my life. He was born to be a Daddy to five little ones. He is the perfect man for the job.

6. I love to drive! I just like driving in general. (I know that sound funny in light of #3) When we go on road trips, I am usually the sole driver. When we drove to Buffalo, NY last Easter, I drove the whole 17 hours, both ways!! It was beautiful and it is therapeutic for me. There are two places that I hope to drive in the next two years at some point. To Neenah, Wisconsin (to visit family there and stop at many interesting places along the way) and to New Mexico (also to visit family and stop in at interesting places & with family along the way).

7. I don't fly. Obviously, I don't have wings, but I don't fly in planes either. I have flown before, but I hope to never (ever, ever, ever) do it again- not without major medication anyway. The last time I flew was to NY to visit my very dear friend. I was so excited about going, but the flights there and back nearly killed me. It isn't your average, "ooh, I don't like to fly" scenario here. I HATE to fly. On a few rare occasions when I have talked myself (or been talked) onto a plane, I have tried to leave once the plane starting moving at all. I am not scared of death. I have faced death before and I am okay with it, really. I know where I am headed and have full confidence in that knowledge. I don't , however, want to spend my last 30 seconds plunging violently to the ground from 30,000 feet. Good thing I love to drive right?

So, there are 7 things about me that you may or may not have known : ) Some are silly, I know. It is the best I got on a Friday. Maybe an 8th thing would be that I don't get much done on Fridays. By now each week, my brain and my body are tired and I just relax with the kiddos and play all day.

Who would I like to see answer these questions?

-Brandon (my BIL) Now you have been tagged twice!!
-Jennifer W. (my cuz)

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