Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Sign Of The Times

I was checking Nathan's school email account last night. (I do this, with his permission, to make sure I get housing notes and info). As the emails loaded from the web server, I noticed one of the subjects read "Active Shooter Scenario" . I sat there for a little over an hour SOBBING as I read and re-read the "what to do's" they have recommended for us and the other students should the unthinkable happen here on this beautiful, christian campus. As I read the things that we should do and say if an armed person enters a room we are in, I couldn't get VT victims out of my mind . I couldn't help but think about how scared they must have been and how devastated the parents, spouses, and/or children of those people must be now. I know that some of them knew the Lord, but for those who didn' hopeless.

I am so sad that we even had to get an email like this. I am angry that this evil exists and that it can create the pain that it has created in the lives of those left to heal unhealable wounds!!! As someone who struggles with fear, this terrifies me as to what my children will have to live (or die) through in their lifetime before our Father comes for us. I am grateful that the seminary is thinking and trying to be as prepared as one could be for such a horrific event. After all, we aren't in an indestructible bubble here. I am just so sad that this is even a reality in this world.

Thinking through this, I am reminded of how, so many times, people huddle together and pray for the people affected by these tragedies in the hours following the event itself. Then as the days and weeks pass, life goes on for those of us not directly affected by them. I hope that we will all continue to pray for those affected directly. Both those that lost loved ones, those in the community will carry this pain for along, long time.

In the email we recv'd, the final point listed under the heading "If Armed Individual Enters an Office or Classroom" says, "• Continually pray silently and ask for God’s wisdom." That is advice that we can all be using right now. As we pray each night for that faithful hedge of protection to be placed over our little ones, maybe we should also take a moment to pray for that lost, sad, person in a dark place somewhere who is preparing to storm Hell and end the earthly life of anyone he can when he does. How many people has God brought into my life, not in an assault or ambush, but in a supermarket or a waiting room that I could have shown light to? Instead, I bury my head in a book or claim "ME time". It is so easy for me to be too busy sometimes to answer God's calls on me to act now and reach out to someone that may be in so much need of His love and salvation. My first calling, to my family, is my most important, but it is not a reason to selfishly ignore other calls God gives me to fulfill His great commission and to tell others about the grace and mercy I have been given.

Lord, I am so sorry that I haven't been a better steward of the time you have given me here. I want to draw others to You so that they may have and know Your love the way I do. I want to seize every opportunity You give me to spread the good news that is the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Your son, Jesus. I get so wrapped up in my world, Lord, that I lose track of the fact that so many are living lives without You. They are miserable and sad and lonely.

Lord, please continue to be with those affected at Virginia Tech. The families that have lost so much need a comfort that can only come from You. I pray that they will turn to You for peace and will stand together against the evil that robbed them. Heal their wounds Lord.

Father, help me to not fear the future for my children, but to look forward to seeing them follow an example I want to give them of a person always ready to stand in the way of darkness for light's sake. May they not only learn their need of surrender and Savior, but also learn to desire nothing more than to serve You by going and telling of You. Lord, should my children one day face this evil eye-to-eye, I would give MY LIFE to know that they are secure in the knowledge that Jesus is with them and that they can claim victory over any death through His blood.

Thank You again and again Father for the family you have loaned me. Thank You for the gracious hand and hedge you place around them to keep them safe each day and night.

I love You Lord.

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