Friday, May 11, 2007


I am glad it is Friday, because it means that Nathan will be home from work and school for two days. YEAH!!!

If you think of me today, please say a prayer. I have been having pains in my chest over the past three days. Although I am diagnosing myself as having pulled a muscle of some sort while packing and moving boxes, the pain has escalated and now is accompanied by the feeling that someone is standing on my chest and has also created some major swelling in my feet. I am seeing my Dr. this morning at 10:30 to rule out anything immediate. Hopefully (prayerfully), he will agree that I pulled a muscle of some sort and that will be that. I am trying not to sweat it too much, because there is nothing like a little anxiety to turn a pulled muscle in your chest into a full fledged panic attack : )

This exact thing happened last summer and it caused me to get serious about my health and lose 20 pounds. Then pregnancy happened and now I need to get serious again. Maybe this is just another wake-up call. Now that my baby is 2 months old (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!?!?!) it is time to get back to walking and eating right. Nursing burns calories, but not as much as I need to burn.

Thanks in advance for the prayers!

*****Updating that the Dr gave me strong reflux meds & told me that if I don't feel better by the time Nathan gets home from week, I have to go to the ER for a cardiac work-up.
please Pray that I don't have to go to the ER tonight******

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