Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Live. Love. Laugh

A few funny happenings from the Murray Home:

From Ella (age 3)-Upon getting a new US States matching game and finding the instruction page insert.

"What is this? Oh! These are just the distractions! We can throw those away."


From Nathan (the hubby)- Upon being asked where certain clothes (that I had folded last night and that he had insisted, in a sleep-induced coma, on putting away for me) were?

"I put those away last night? Ummmmmm...check the drawer in the kitchen where you keep the hand towels. I seem to remember putting something in there."

Guess where I found my undergarments?


Graycen (age 7)-regarding her recess antics of last week. *names changed to protect the "innocent".

Graycen: "Mom! Today at recess, Drew was chasing Elizabeth all around the playground and telling her that he was going to put her into prison!!! I knew I HAD to help her!"

Me: "Really? Well, what did YOU do?"

Graycen: (with a huge grin on her face), "I told him to chase ME instead!"


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Jennifer said...

So cute!! What clever little people you're raising ;)