Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Chappell has a name!!!

If you have been following along with Dan & Casey and their journey during this pregnancy, you know that they had a very important amnio yesterday. They were testing to see if there was chromosomal evidence of Trisomy in their sweet baby.

Today, Casey has posted that the preliminary results show that there is no indication!!!!! I am in tears as I type this, because I have pictured this sweet baby's face many times as I have prayed. I Know that many others have prayed also and I KNOW that the Lord has blessed this special baby and his family.

Asher Daniel Chappell, as he now can be called, has some other issues including Omphalocele ; which is correctable with surgery once he arrives.

So head on over there and celebrate with them for the news they rec'd today. Thank you for your prayers on this family's behalf. God is faithful!

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Christine said...

What great news! What a wonderful friend you are.