Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great, great moment today.

Life is still busy here. I know that you are SHOCKED!!! I have so many posts crammed into my head, but here is the one I want to share today!

Graycen was the Star Student for her class this week! She had to produce a poster (with my help, of course) that told the class about her. I was SOOOOOOOO proud that she wanted to include pictures that represented her faith in God, her family, her ballet, and her hobbies. She did a great job! Nathan met me at the school and watched the other children, so that I could run in and catch her presentation before the class. I was relieved that she was excited to see me and not embarrassed. When does THAT start? Am I naive to hope it is NEVER?

She had included a photo from her baptism and, after her presentation, one student asked her to explain what was happening. She said , "Well, this is what I did after I became a Christian. It represents Christ's burial when I was placed under the water and it represents Christ's resurrection when I was brought up OUT of the water because I am a new person now in Christ. My Mom can tell you more." and she pointed to me. I looked at the teacher (a Christian) and she gave me the "go right ahead" sign. I explained to the children who God and Jesus were and that Graycen had come to the understanding that she was indeed a sinner. I told about how she knew that Jesus had come here as the Son of God and that He had died on the cross for all of us. I even was able to say that Graycen had asked Jesus for forgiveness and that He was her Savior now. The kids were all sitting and watching me as I explained that Graycen would live forever with God in Heaven, because she had done this.

This was my prayer as we decided to send Graycen to this school; that she would truly be salt and light to these children. It was awesome! Here is the funny thing, I was a little scared at first because I was in a school where I KNEW there were families that didn't believe. What would they tell their parents? What would they DO when they DID tell their parents? All of that remains to be seen, but it was a GREAT feeling to be able to be there and see her give her presentation and also to share the gospel with all those children today.


Sandra said...

She's so cute :)

Christine said...

Wow! School is barely starting for us tomorrow.

Perri said...

What an awesome opportunity God gave you guys! It brought tears to my eyes.

I have a feeling your kids are always going to want you to hang out with them.

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

WOW! What an amazing thing to be able to do!