Friday, August 8, 2008

God answers prayer whether you like it or not.

God is moving here. I feel it. I know it.

Several months ago, an IRL friend gave me a CD to listen to and I LOVE it. It was Shane & Shane an I am a BIG fan! Soon after, things started changing here in our home. No, it isn't a MAGIC Cd and it holds no power, but there are some GREAT lyrics that I have found myself repeating many times, almost as prayers. Well, maybe EXACTLY as prayers. This morning, as the introduction to a MAJOR and brand-spanking new season of change made it's way into our day, I turned on my Cd player and heard these words come blaring out at me. Almost as if to say, "This is what you asked for, my child. I love you and I will carry you through this."

Beg by Shane & Shane

Here I am
One more day of not
Loving Him the way He asks
In fact my heart is singing praises to the things that make me feel alright
So I’m sinking fast like a stone heart should
And on the way down
I’ve done what I could
To try and try to turn this stone to flesh

I’m haunted by my God
Who has the right to ask me
What by the nature of my rebellion
I cannot give.

So I beg for you to move
I beg for you to move
I beg for you to break through

So here I am
Got my deeds for the day
All my cute little words about
How I am saved
Am I saved?
Could I love you with my mouth like a church kid should
At the end of the day
My words get burned as wood
Oh, but I was good.

These songs are noise
In your ears
A clanging drum
You want my love
[ Beg Lyrics on ]

Vision Of You -by Shane & Shane
Come meet us, King Jesus
Oh wind of change blow through this temple
Sweet Spirit of God, come and mend our hearts
For all we have are songs
Unless You come

Awaken what’s inside of me
Tune my heart to all You are in me
Even though You’re here God come
And may the vision of You
Be the death of me
And even though you’ve given everything
Jesus come

Come free us, King Jesus
It’s the only way that freedom’s given
From You and You alone
In the work You’ve already done
For all we have are songs,
Unless You come
Here we are, Lord
In this place
Crying out for Your embrace
To hear Your voice
More than songs
Please come Jesus come
[ Vision Of You Lyrics on ]

and one more:

We Love You Jesus! -by Shane & Shane
Opening the door to dine with Him
Traveling to earth to let us in
Laying down His glory crown of old
Setting up the wedding feast foretold
Oh We can’t contain our love
We turn it up loud
We love you, Jesus
For so many reasons
For death and life and freedom
Even now we love You
We love you Jesus

In and out of seasons
In valleys and on top of mountains
Even now can we sing
What manner of love is this that you would say
Your sin is mine - I'll take it to the grave (then rising)
Death oh death, where is your sting today?
Death is swallowed up in victory

We love You, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
We love You, Jesus!
We love you
[ We Love You Jesus Lyrics on ]

So now, my friend, I am asking you to pray for us as we seek the Lord's wisdom and His will for us. He will sustain us. He has before. It is easy to trust the Lord when the boat is on smooth waters. Most people would panic and try to save themselves at all cost. I pray that we will be faithful as we enter into one of these times when the boat seems to be rocking a good bit. We know that the Lord has set our course and we are praying that we will be resolved.

Thank you in advance.


Cathy said...

Hi Angela,

It is a Pontiac Montana...8 seater~crowded, but works :D

BoufMom9 said...

Beautiful post! Those lyrics are just so touching and moving!