Monday, August 25, 2008

Missionary at Seven

Graycen is such a little missionary. She wants EVERYONE to know about the Love of God.

This past Friday at school, she volunteered to help a little girl walk to the bathroom after she had fallen at recess. While they were waiting for the class to join them int he classroom, Graycen mentioned that she wished she had bought her Bible, so that she could read some verses to the little girl. This little girl told Graycen that she would like that, because she had never heard anything from the Bible before and that her family didn't go to church. Graycen said that she told the little girl, "OH MAN!!! Now I REALLY Wish that I had brought my Bible today!!!!"

Graycen has repeatedly mentioned this conversation throughout the weekend. This morning she made sure to bring her Bible with her. One the way through carpool line, she and I were recalling verses about fear and anxiety, because she starts her first-ever Iowa testing today. She is nervous, but every time we thought of another verse, she would mark it with a piece of paper and say, "That would be a great one to share with _________!" I am certain that she will find time today to read SOMETHING from the Word of God to this little friend of her. I don't think she will be able to sleep tonight if she doesn't.

That is really how we all should be; so eager to tell of the good news that WE know! SO many times, I have not shared when I knew the opportunity was there. Many times I have shared it, but I am learning, from my seven year old, that there is no time like RIGHT NOW to tell people about God.

Our pastor preached a FANTASTIC sermon on the wrath of God yesterday. It is a message that Nathan and I noticed was weighing heavily on him as he sat in the congregation, waiting for his time to approach the pulpit. He was continuing our current studies in Hebrews and one of the benefits of expository preaching is that the Word dictates the subject. He had no choice. We had reached Hebrews 10 and this is what had to be taught. Pastor Dwayne wept several times while talking about God's wrath and how it will be poured onto the unrepentant. I walked away from that sermon with all the names of those in my life that I KNOW will realize this wrath, should they leave this earth unrepentant. As much as people, even Christians, want to avoid the subject of God's wrath, IT IS VERY REAL!!! It isn't a fairy tale. People that I love will surely know it unless they choose differently. That is a terrifying thought, especially for those of whom I have never told about God's love.

Heavenly Father,
I love you. Thank you for saving me, by the blood of Your Son, from the wrath that I deserve. Help me to feel THIS desire to share the news of Jesus that I am feeling now, everyday of my life. Just as Graycen has, create in me the opportunities to prepare for and tell of your DEEP, DEEP LOVE. Be with my little missionary this morning as she tells of the Love in her heart the SHE knows from You. Give her peace during her test and remind her sweetly that she has nothing to fear when she has YOU in her heart. I love YOU for creating me, for sending Jesus, and for forgiving even me, Lord. I love you. ~Amen

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